AngularJS for .NET Developers

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Henri Quatre (Henry IV, 1553-1610)

  • French king who proclaimed religious tolerance and ended religious wars in France and Germany
  • French king, who was so admired that even today the Germans refer to a goatee beard as a henriquatre

Who better to pick for an ebook project that wants to show the power of HTML5 and JavaScript-based programming - without the pain - to .NET developers?

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About this Project

We, Ingo Rammer and Christian Weyer, have spent more than a decade working with .NET developers and helping them take advantage of Microsoft's platform on client- and server-side. In the recent two or three years, we've noticed a shift in client-side focus towards mobile devices and especially cross-device web technologies. During that time, we've worked with our clients to create HTML5 web applications ranging from classic web and browser environments down to installable offline applications on Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

We wanted to share our experiences in this space and decided to re-frame them in the context of AngularJS from a .NET developer's point of view. While in the past, we've communicated our experiences via books and magazine articles, these rather slow mediums did not seem to be the right choice. Instead we've decided to release the information in a continuous deployment fashion on this web site.

We hope that the information contained on these pages is valuable for you and would really like to hear from you. You can reach us at ingo.rammer@thinktecture.com and christian.weyer@thinktecture.com, or read more about our work at thinktecture.com.


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(Please note that this project is in infinite state of continuous addition and improvement)